Unwined Candle Co created its first Wine Bottle Candle in 2010 with a desire to have a positive impact on the environment.
As candle lovers we felt a responsibility to challenge the process of discarding a vessel which would inevitably end up in landfill. Billions of new glass vessels are being made yearly in China as we continue to repeat the same unnecessary process.
Unfortunately, most wine bottles are used once, opened and discarded the same day. Glass is such a diverse and resilient product taking over 1 million years to decompose meaning it can be reused and redesigned many many times. As we continue with our goal of repurposing 1 million bottles we have intricately rebranded our decade old branding to align with YOU our conscious and modern candle connoisseurs.
You will notice deeper, more complex scents, a natural wax combination that suits all environments and the cleanest burn of any candle you've ever tried. We have added size with 30% more wax increasing your burn time to 85 hours. The new design is sleek and clean allowing you to enjoy the burn without an added back label like you asked. We have recreated each scent through the talent of our commissioned artist Melanie Vugich as she brings each label to life.
  • Nag Champa + Rose Water

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    Nag Champa + Rose WaterNag Champa + Rose Water
  • Finger Lime + Lemongrass

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    Finger Lime + LemongrassFinger Lime + Lemongrass
  • Coconut + Lime + Sugarcane

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    Coconut + Lime + SugarcaneCoconut + Lime + Sugarcane
  • Honeysuckle + Grapeseed

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    Honeysuckle + GrapeseedHoneysuckle + Grapeseed
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    We believe that every object is part of an endless chain of connection. When one object’s use has expired we find ways to bring it to life again.

    We are not wasteful or temporary.


    Whoever thought you could turn a wine bottle into a candle. We did! We were the first to recycle wine bottles into candles and we will continue to be the team behind many more firsts.

    We are not dull or unoriginal.


    We love to play and experiment. When we combine forces with like-minded individuals and companies, sparks fly.

    We are not solo or introverted.

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