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Unwined Portable Air Fresheners

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Our reimagined little reusable Air Fresheners are the perfect addition to any small space.

The car, bathroom, bedroom, man cave or babies nursery! Literally anywhere.

Directions for use:

1.  Remove wooden lid and remove plastic seal cap. (Do not discard)

2. Replace wooden lid and tilt bottle briefly to allow scent to soak into wooden lid.

3. Remove wooden lid and re-insert plastic seal cap then replace wooden lid.

Repeat above steps to refresh when required. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gillian Corlass
Portable air freshener

Great fragrance, perfect for near the kitty litter

Bec Scott
Best birthday gift idea

I love these products, this order was for my sister's birthday, she lives in a different 2 hours away from me and with COVID we can not see each other, but I could order her favourite scent and get it delivered directly to her. While I can not see her she will know I am thinking of her. Thanks for such wonderful products!

Cassandra Bugir

Unwined Portable Air Fresheners

So versatile!

I have so many of these! In the bathrooms, in mine and my husbands car, hanging from the front door.... So many amazing smells!

Stacey Neal
Great Quality Products!

Super stoked with my purchases. The coconut surf wax is amazing and my partner loves the cookie dough.