A New Era

To date we have repurposed over 30,000 wine bottles from landfill creating an endless cycle that can be reused for a lifetime. Over the last 12 long months we have intricately rebranded our decade old branding to align with YOU our conscious and modern candle connoisseurs and move away from brands who have taken our designs and sadly our branding. We are not sad .... just flattered.

It’s been an exciting journey and the timely process has given us time to reimagine, reflect and improve. You’ll notice many changes including deeper, more natural scents, a wax combination of soy and coconut that suits all environments and we can proudly say we use the most natural wax bases available.

We have added over 25% more wax and a creamy 85 hour burn time to increase the life of your candle and the time needed to restock. The overall design is sleeker and more environmentally friendly allowing the burn to be clear without an added back label like you asked. You will be blown away by the talent of our commissioned artist Melanie Vugich and how she has brought your favourite scents to life in miniature works of art.