A Superior Australian Product

Our products are made by hand, using local Australian ingredients and techniques designed to create a superior product. Our non gmo soy and coconut oil wax is taken through a hard and soft layering technique which creates a more resilient end product, a product that burns evenly without any tunnelling or black marks and smoke. Our process for cutting, bevelling and polishing the glass is an art, an art that we have developed and improved over the last 10 years. There is something so rewarding about working with the hands to create – a genuine sense of achievement knowing we have handmade every one of our products. Our care for our products goes beyond the making. We educate and communicate to every single customer about the best way to care for their candles to ensure longevity and a beautiful clean burn. Lighting a candle in your home is a ritual, a time for celebration or a symbol of self-care. We ensure your candle experience is the best it possibly can be.